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Hank Houser and Gregory Walker founded Houser Walker in 2004 to help give shape to the civic lives of our communities, driven to create authentic places that connect people to nature, history, and each other. We craft beautiful buildings that reflect the lives they contain, supporting working, living, learning, and making. Our work holistically integrates vision, context, circumstance, and fabrication. 


Celebrating the unique communities and people who define them, we seek to leverage our client’s own stories, giving shape and validation to their unique voice.


Our work strives to embody a vision of  ecological design that reduces overall energy and resource consumption, creates resilient, adaptable, and durable structures, and promotes the health and wellness of each person who interacts with them.  


For the past 16 years, Houser Walker Architecture’s work has been consistently recognized for its unique approach to creating real value, community, and demonstrated return on investment. In 2015, our peers in AIA Atlanta rewarded this approach with their Silver Medal award, honoring our sustained and unwavering commitment to design excellence.

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