We believe that what we build directly affects the quality of our daily lives and how we come together as a community.


Community. Our work is committed to engaging our civic realm, promoting action that benefits communities. Communities that become entwined with beautiful, singular places are more healthy, engaged, resilient, and safe.


Communities with places where people come together spontaneously and connect are cohesive and engaged. The design of open and welcoming places reinforces the strength of a community. We believe that an essential characteristic of healthy, engaged, loyal, resilient, and safe communities are civic places that foster meaningful social connection.


Craft. We believe that “making” is a deeply optimistic act and that authenticity inherently reflects a unique combination of a community, production, craft, culture, and innovation. People identify with and care for artistically crafted, singular places.


Context. Our work endeavors to achieve balance within a local ecology. Diversity is the measure of health for any ecosystem. We approach design and problem solving empathetically from a holistic, ecological, systems perspective that seeks to integrate and connect broad, diverse influences over time.


Culture. Measure success by repeat work from clients, in the stories we hear from users, in the legacy we leave to the built environment, and how much our buildings are loved.

We find a deep inspiration in the integration of architecture and art. We like laughter in the workplace and consider it a gauge for the overall health of the studio.