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Emmanuel Episcopal Church


What we build directly affects the quality of our daily lives and shapes how we come together as a community. We believe that an essential characteristic of healthy, engaged, resilient, and safe communities are welcoming civic spaces that encourage meaningful social connection. Creating beautiful places where people can come together spontaneously and connect helps reinforce the strength of a community.

We believe that creating architecture is a profoundly optimistic endeavor. Inherently reflecting a unique combination of a community, production, craft, culture, and place, authentic architecture emerges slowly and methodically. People identify with and care for artistically crafted singular places. They are contemporary yet timeless, complex but appearing almost effortless. The pursuit of creating places that resonate with their own authenticity drives our studio.


Our work strives to achieve balance within a range of local ecologies – environmental, cultural, material, and social. We approach these diverse contexts from a empathetically driven perspective, seeking to holistically integrate and connect broad systems over time.


We believe in the power of communities to help shape culture and that the broader culture helps define our communities. Creating meaningful physical experiences, spaces, and places within our culture is more valuable than ever. We are drawn to long term conversations that help locate our work within the specific cultural context we live in.


We find a deep inspiration in the integration of architecture and art.


We measure success by repeat work from clients, in the stories we hear from users, in the legacy we leave to the built environment, and how much our buildings are loved.


We like laughter in the workplace and consider it a gauge for the overall health of the studio.

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