Hank Houser, LEED AP, AIA


Amy Leathers, AIA  

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Nicholas Purcell, NCARB  

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Jiangpu Meng

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Nathaniel Steinrueck, LEED GA

Gregory Walker, LEED AP, AIA

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Megan McDonough, RA  

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Octavian Tudora, RA  

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Rick Bizot, LEED AP, AIA

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Meghan Shannon, LEED AP

Tom Butler, LEED AP     


People and their experiences are the most important resource in every project. We believe in people. The individuals at Houser Walker Architecture each bring a wealth of direct personal experience to each client we work with. Who you’re working with directly, who answers the phone when you have a concern or idea, who you trust to understand your vision - these fundamental questions are about the individuals you’re working with and their hard won experience and leadership.


Led by Hank Houser and Gregory Walker, Houser Walker Architecture operates as a collaborative studio. Together with carefully composed teams of collaborators, we bring together the expertise and resources necessary to shape your vision.

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Jessica London  

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Motuma Tulu  

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Matthew Lewis